We Should Reduce Gov't During this Pandemic - Not Grow It

Our elected officials have had one response since the beginning of this pandemic and it's the wrong response and will cost us tremendously down the road. Since March, our dependence on government has grown to outrageous levels while government spending is skyrocketing. In St Paul, a massive budget surplus has been depleted in record time.

But growing government is the exact opposite of what we should be doing. Instead, we should take this opportunity to finally make long needed cuts to government and provide tax relief to Minnesotans - let them keep their money. Why aren't Republican leaders talking about this?

Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka now has abandoned course on repealing the state tax on social security benefits. According to the Star Tribune, he believes that funding for COVID-19 takes priority over letting seniors keep their money. 

Politicians in St Paul aren't completely tone deaf to the ploys of families struggling in this economy though. But they've punted the "problem solving" to the feds who have a printing press and the illusion of a solution. Take a look at the federal budget this year; or better yet, don't. Federal spending has increased by nearly 50% and we're likely to run a $3 Trillion budget deficit (over twice as much as the deficit at the height of the Great Recession). National debt is now approaching $25 Trillion and debt-to-GDP is well over 100% - which many experts warn will lead to economic disaster.

When this pandemic is over, countless small businesses will be closed down, jobs will be lost and publicly held debt will balloon to unmanageable levels. And one can only imagine the purchasing power of our dollars with all the newly inflated money circulating in our economy. It seems clear to us that the cure will be far worse than the disease.

But there is a better way to go about this. Total government spending (local, state, federal) is about 43% of GDP. The size of our governments were already strangling the private sector before this pandemic began. But now it's more important than ever to reduce our dependence on government so capital is kept in the hands of businesses and families.

We didn't emerge out of the Great Depression until government spending drastically fell. That's a story your history teacher most likely didn't tell you. Government gets in the way of progress and they are the great destroyers of wealth. Just look at how many bloated agencies, incompetent projects and fraud/waste/abuse exist in the government sector.

Now is the time for our elected officials to make some fundamental changes that favor liberty instead of government control. It's a pivotal time in our nation's history. We can continue to expand our reliance on government and go the direction of every failed state in history that's tried it, or we can go back to our roots of limited government and freedom. 

Elected officials should start slashing programs, cutting budgets and repealing regulations. As spending decreases, large tax cuts should be passed that ease the pain on our private sector and let families keep their money. Our government should shrink down to the size of our Constitution like it was originally intended. And freedom should be returned to We the People.

Nothing would Make America Great Again better than that!

Here's Why Nothing Gets Done in Minnesota

Ever wonder why nothing gets done in Minnesota for the conservative agenda? Even when Republicans control a body of the legislature, good conservative reform bills barely see the day of light. 

We came across a post today from Sen Paul Utke that described why, despite receiving a plethora of calls from constituents to end Walz' Emergency Powers, Senate Republicans aren't poised to make a motion to strip Walz' power. Cowardly hiding behind the notion that Democrats control the other chamber, Utke and his colleagues have thrown up the white flag. Of course, on the other side of the aisle, Democrats never hesitate to push things like gun control even when they know it will be defeated in the Senate. 

How sure is he and Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka that groups like ours can't organize a big effort in the districts of 10 DFL House members to get them to vote in favor of it? After all, that's the purpose of our organization. But Action 4 Liberty too often finds itself fighting on the Republican side just to get some momentum on an issue. The Republican Establishment is no better than the Democrats. Even though their motivations come from a different place.

Take the Minority leader of the Republicans in the Minnesota House. He works for a Washington D.C. lobbying firm. You heard that right! Doesn't get any swampier than that. Kurt Daudt is a lobbyist legislator, something that most believe should be illegal. When Rep Munson and Drazkowski made a motion last week to strip Walz' of his power, the biggest fight they had was from Daudt and his loyalists (which appears to be shrinking in numbers these days - thank God!). 

What's Gazelka and Senate Republicans' motivations? It doesn't appear as obvious as Daudt's. Perhaps its what popular Minnesota conservative blogger John Gilmore often states: "they're the dumbest Republicans in the nation".

If I was speculating, I'd say they're too worried about disrupting the status quo and hurting relationships with the Swamp. Gazelka and team care more about playing things cool for November's election prospects, than saving our small businesses. Although, we know their getting an ear full from that community right now.

This issue is far too important to sit idly by and let comments like Utke's go unchecked. Unemployment is rising rapidly in this state and our legislature is no longer acting as a co-equal branch of government with the Governor. Unilateral law-making by one person is something everyone on the Republican side should rally against. It's time we end Walz' powers NOW!

Join Action 4 Liberty's efforts to End Walz' Emergency Powers immediately. Sign our petition and share with others! 




Democrats Clearly Do Not Support Democracy

The idea that the Democrat Party supports democracy at this point is a far stretch. Which is bizarre considering the Party's name comes from the word: democratic. But the party's elite and grassroots appear unified that Governor Walz should have the unilateral power to force people to stay in their homes and businesses to close their doors. All of this while the legislative branch is still in session.

We came across an online petition for people to show their support for Walz. "We are so thankful for everything he's doing to protect Minnesotans" the petition states.

Everything? What about the fact he's taken over the legislative process and trampled on our Bill or Rights?

If democracy is a form of government where the power is held by the people, than what the DFL is promoting is the antithesis of democracy. "The People" aren't able to weigh in on these matters. We're told to comply with Walz' unilateral orders or face penalty or jail time. 

Minnesota's democratic form of government is a Republic with separation of powers among three different branches. Our Constitution clearly states that the law-making branch of government is the Legislature, which is still meeting on an irregular basis. Regardless of what people believe is the right course of action, why is the DFL not demanding the laws be written by the Legislature and signed by the Governor? Is democracy too inconvenient right now???

How long will this form of government they support last? Are we to believe that Governor Walz is just going to gladly relinquish his powers after months of operating in this fashion? Some "experts" are saying that the shutdown measures will need to be in place through the summer and maybe even into the fall. 

Action 4 Liberty opposes the unilateral rule by Governor Walz and demand the Legislature takes back its power by stripping Walz' of his Emergency Powers. Sign the petition and tell your legislator to do what's right!






Liberate Minnesota Protest Was a Massive Success

Over a thousand Minnesotans gathered at the Governor's Mansion or drove by in a seemingly endless stream of horn honking in support of the Liberate Minnesota protest organized by activist Michele Even. The protest was a First Amendment demonstration of workers, business owners and consumers fed up with Walz' unilateral order to quarantine people in their homes and shut down certain sectors of our economy. 

Early in the protest, chopper cams for the major networks hovered over the residence capturing the growing numbers of patriots attending the rally.

Several people broadcasted from the ground on Facebook Live, including conservative news outlet Breitbart News, who navigated through the crowds, interviewing people about their experience.

BREAKING: Minnesota Workers Protesting Outside Governor’s Mansion...

Posted by Breitbart on Friday, April 17, 2020

In the front of the Governor's Mansion, with a Liberate Minnesota sign in hand, activist Michele Even spoke about the people losing their jobs, the businesses without cash flow and how many of them won't get government assistance. She believes free individuals should have the right to choose and that Governor Walz has abused his powers by issuing a "Stay Home" order. 

The protest even got the attention of President Trump. He tweeted support for Liberate Minnesota hours before the event. Michele Even serves as the founder of MAGASOTA, a large pro-Trump grassroots movement in the state.


As expected, there are conflicting reports from the lazy Minnesota media on how many people attended the protest. By all witness accounts, the protest was a massive success with over a thousand people in attendance on the sidewalks or driving their cars through the crowds in support. 

The Legislature has the ability to terminate Governor Walz' Emergency Powers by passing a joint resolution in both chambers. Last Tuesday, Rep Steve Drazkowski and Jeremy Munson introduced a bill and made a motion to get a vote. Unforuntately, the DFL and Republican establishment killed the bill (Here's the vote), but the issue is likely to resurface again.

Sign our petition to tell your legislator to END WALZ EMERGENCY POWERS NOW!

Trump Tweets Support for Liberate Minnesota

Trump tweeted support for the planned Liberate Minnesota protest at the Governor's mansion this morning. The protest is scheduled to occur from noon to 3 pm and was organized by MAGASOTA's Michele Even in response to Walz' "Stay Home or Else" order.

Find out more about the protest and sign the petition at liberateminnesota.com

Big Protest Today at Governor's Mansion

A large protest is planned today at the Governor's Mansion from noon to 3 pm to demand the Governor end his "Stay Home or Else" order and reopen the economy. The protest is organized by Michele Even, who was our 2019 Activist of the Year recipient. 

"This overreaction by the Governor has gone on long enough and we aren't going to take it anymore" stated Michele Even. "All jobs are essential. People need to support themselves and their families".

Even's objectives is to send a message to the Governor and the Legislature through the use of the Constitutionally protected rights of free speech and freedom to assemble. "People's lives are already in turmoil and the cure is worse than the disease at this point" added Michele. "People are fed up with this lock down".

Hundreds of protestors are expected to turn out today. For more information, visit liberateminnesota.com to learn about this and possible future protests. 


Time: Noon to 3 pm

Location: Governor's Mansion

How Your Legislator Voted on Terminating Walz' Emergency Powers

On Tuesday, Rep Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa) introduced a resolution to terminate Governor Walz' Emergency Powers and made a motion to suspend the rules to vote on the bill. Speaking out against the bill was the DFL Republican Majority Leader Ryan Winkler and the Republican Minority Leader Kurt Daudt. Both Winkler and Daudt asked their caucuses to vote against the measure. All four members of the New House Republican Caucus (Bahr, Drazkowski, Miller & Munson) spoke in favor of the bill.

Two votes occurred on the motion that will not be found in the official House Journal. The first vote was to show if there were 15 hands to force a roll call vote so the Journal showed how legislators voted on the measure. This failed as many in Daudt's Republican caucus voted against transparency. The second vote was a vote to suspend the rules and vote to end Walz' Emergency Powers.

Daudt later introduced a watered down version of ending Walz' powers that kept many of his executive orders intact. Action 4 Liberty does not support his approach because we view the powers of the Governor's to be unconstitutional. 

Here's the video of the debate and the vote

Daudt and Several Republican Legislators Protect Walz' Emergency Powers

Republican Representative Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa) forced a vote today on a resolution that would strip Governor Walz of his emergency powers. A bill that has received overwhelming support from concerned Minnesotan business owners and workers. But Republican Minority Leader Kurt Daudt rallied members of his caucus to vote against the measure, thus protecting Walz' Emergency Powers.

This issue will not be going away. Sign our petition and tell legislators to take back our state and End Walz' Emergency Powers now!



Drazkowski, Munson Introduce Bill to Strip Governor Walz of Powers

Rep Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa) introduced a joint resolution today that would terminate Governor Walz' Emergency Powers. Walz just announced the extension of his emergency powers, citing authority granted in State Statute 12.31 Subd. 2. That chapter of the law also states that a majority of both the House and Senate can remove the Governor's emergency powers, which is the purpose of Drazkowski's resolution.

Joining him on the resolution are members from the New House Republican Caucus: Reps Jeremy Munson, Cal Bahr and Tim Miller.  Language of the resolution is posted here. Here's what the resolution says:

BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Minnesota, the Senate​ concurring, that the legislature exercises its authority under Minnesota Statutes, section 12.31,​ subdivision 2, paragraph (b), terminating the peacetime emergency declared under Executive Order​ 20-01.​

The Minnesota House is scheduled to convene on Tuesday, April 14th at noon for a floor session. It's unlikely that the Democrat controlled chamber would move the bill, but we expect to see a motion made by Rep Drazkowski on the floor. 

Action 4 Liberty supports this resolution and calls for an end to Walz' emergency powers. We need to open Minnesota's economy back up in a safe and reasonable way. 

URGENT: Contact your legislator and tell them to support Drazkowski's resolution to terminate Governor Walz' Emergency Powers.



Gazelka Tweet Shows Disapproval for Walz' "Stay Home or Else" Order

Republican Senate Majority Leader made a statement on Twitter yesterday signaling his disapproval of Governor Tim Walz' extension of the "Stay Home or Else" order. The tweet appears to be the most vocal opposition thus far from a high ranking legislator in St Paul

According to State Statute 12.31, Subd. 2 "Declaration of peacetime emergency", the area of the law used by Walz to issue unilateral orders, the legislature can remove the Governor's emergency powers after 30 days by a majority of both the House and Senate. At this point, we don't know if Gazelka is on board with Action 4 Liberty's call to remove his power, but the tweet is encouraging. It's time to put Minnesota's economy back to work in a safe and reasonable way. 

Contact Senator Gazelka and tell him you support the Senate ending Governor Walz' emergency powers when they reconvene on April 14th

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 651-296-4875