Surplus Continues Growing by Billions - Give it Back Now

The Minnesota State Government continues overcollecting taxes by a large amount. We reported back in February that the state had a $12 Billion surplus. So far, Republican and Democrat legislators have spent almost $2 Billion of your money. Only one legislator, Rep Erik Mortensen (R-Shakopee), has voted against all surplus spending. He wants to give it all back.

But the massive surplus has only continued to grow since the Minnesota Management and Budget's February Forecast. In April, the government collected an additional $1.1 Billion more than expected. And the newly released May report shows that the government collected $535 Million more than originally forecasted

While we are being overtaxed by Minnesota politicians, gas and food prices are skyrocketing. That's why it's extremely important that Minnesota legislators GIVE BACK the entire surplus to us. That's over $4,000 per taxpayer. If you agree with us, please sign our petition below.


Who is the Boogey Man Behind Gas Prices?

You'll hear the media say Putin is causing gas prices to go up. Some will also point fingers at OPEC. But here's the real culprit behind the rising prices in gasoline and what we can do about it in the short term...

Tell your legislators "No Special Session unless they Give Back ALL of the surplus!"


MNGOP Chair Hann Condemns Activist, Silent on Rep Kurt Daudt's Support of Non-endorsed Candidate

MNGOP Chairman David Hann released a statement yesterday condemning an activist who chairs the SD67 Republicans for his support of Attorney General Candidate Doug Wardlow. Party rules state that MNGOP officials are required to support endorsed candidates only. However, Hann's condemnation only appears to be directed at a conservative activist, not the biggest abuser of this rule who is an elected legislator.

House Minority Leader and Lobbyist Kurt Daudt (R - Spectacle Lake) leads the MNGOP affiliated Party unit, the House Republican Campaign Committee. This MNGOP unit has trained a candidate who is running against the endorsed Republican candidate in House District 33B, Mark Bishofsky. Mark is a solid conservative who would likely not be on board with Daudt's tactics of passing unconstitutional, omnibus bills.

Daudt is openly showing support for Bishofsky's primary challenger, Tina Riehle - who lost the endorsement to Mark by nearly 60 points. She was featured in the mass candidate filing press conference hosted by Daudt and sponsored by the HRCC. Bishofsky wasn't even invited.

Back in 2018, Daudt actually used HRCC resources against Republican endorsed candidate Erik Mortensen. That year, Daudt directly spent over $23,000 against the endorsed candidate. Party leaders didn't condemn his behavior then, even though he openly defied Party rules.

Where's MNGOP Chair Hann's public condemnation of Kurt Daudt? If Hann wants to spend time going after conservative activists, perhaps he needs to focus on the biggest abusers of the Party rules first.

Walz Wants Special Session to Spend YOUR Surplus Money

Walz is complaining about the Legislature adjourning without spending all of our surplus money - well, almost all of it. The Governor did want to give back a fraction of the record $12 Billion surplus to Minnesotans. But neither Walz or Republican Senators proposed giving it all back.

Thanks to the supporters of Action 4 Liberty, legislators starting feeling pressure to not spend any more of the surplus dollars before the Legislature adjourned in May. And that was three weeks ago when gasoline prices weren't nearing $5/gallon. Now it's even more important that the entire surplus gets returned to us taxpayers. It's the only way politicians in Minnesota can help us fight the effects of inflation - which was caused by politicians.

But Governor Walz is tone deaf to this call. He's hell bent on spending the majority of our surplus on more wasteful government projects. Which is why he is toying with the power of calling the Legislature back for a Special Session. 

This would be dangerous for many reasons. Here's the possible agenda:

1. Spend YOUR surplus money on more government

2. Enact anti-gun legislation

3. More hand outs to the Teacher's Union

4. Larger budget for Keith Ellison

Democrats and weak-kneed Republicans in St Paul spend like drunken sailors when they overtax us and run a surplus. But that money is owed to us. It's not a slush fund for more wasteful government spending. 

The average family will experience $5,200 in more spending this year due to the inflation caused by politicians. Meanwhile, a taxpayer's share of the $12 Billion surplus is over $4,000. Giving it all back immediately would help significantly with our family budgets.

Help us fight back against Walz' radical agenda. Sign our Give it Back Petition today!


What Can Be Done About Gas Prices to Help You

Gas prices are growing quickly, but there is something that can be done by Minnesota legislators to help you out. Watch my recent video:

Don't let these politicians get away with wasting our money on more government. Tell your state senator to GIVE IT BACK!

Morrison County GOP Officials Rigging Election Against 30 Year Army Veteran

True conservatives demand fairness; We want clean and fair elections without manipulation, tampering, or backroom deals by party insiders to tilt the scale. Win or lose, election integrity is the priority of the GOP base. Ultimately, a lack of fairness is a sign of weakness. If the Establishment can’t beat you, they will try to cheat to win. 

This is happening right here in Minnesota in the GOP. Action 4 Liberty has been documenting and investigating the various fraud and corruption displayed by Morrison County for Senate District 10 and House District 10A. This has included: 

Let’s lay out the players here: Mandy Heffron is the chair of the BPOU, Jim Salvog is the Treasurer, Ron Kresha is a career politician, establishment State Representative, and Chuck Parins is a 30 year Army veteran who is challenging Kresha in the Republican primary. The Campaign Finance Board shows the following for leadership of the Morrison County GOP:

Also according to the Campaign Finance Board, Jim Salvog, who should be acting as a neutral arbiter of the GOP, serves as Ron Kresha's campaign treasurer and was also prior to the Endorsing Convention! He is blatantly corrupting the Endorsement and primary process. See evidence below:

According to the MNGOP Bylaws and the Morrison County GOP Constitution, no party officer is allowed to display a preference for a candidate before the primary. Jim Salvog is breaking his own rules! Below see Article III, Section 7 of the Morrison Constitution and Article IV, Section 8 of the MN GOP Bylaws.

Chuck Parins has been facing targeted obstacles since announcing his candidacy. The Endorsing Convention leadership refused to recognize him as a candidate. He was not notified of this until the Convention. Despite this, Parins could have been nominated and endorsed by being written in. This is guaranteed to all eligible candidates qualified by law to serve the office in both the MNGOP Constitution. See Article V, Section 3, Subsection 3 below:

This is not the first time that Kresha has been shown favor by the Morrison BPOU. They previously bankrolled his campaign $2,000 while Jim Salvog was both the County and campaign treasurer. That is extreme corruption and should not be tolerated. See evidence below:

The real question is, why are they so afraid of Chuck Parins? Is he not a clean-cut, conservative, veteran, with a good head on his shoulders? Why is Ron Kresha so desperate to cling onto his power? Why would Kresha accept money that the party Constitutions say he can’t?

Unlike the Establishment, we do not smear people with lies. We tell the truth, provide evidence, and ask questions. We call out corruption, even when it is inconvenient. We must always demand election integrity and transparency. As it stands, the Morrison County GOP leadership has no intention of delivering that to Republicans but they are only doing it because they are weak and losing. Conservatives and liberty warriors have reclaimed the GOP and they’re not letting go! 

Action 4 Liberty commends the efforts of countless champions battling the corruption of Mandy Heffron, Jim Salvog, and Ron Kresha in Morrison County! Don’t ever forget, you are winning the fight and Minnesota will be made free again!

Heroic Figures from COVID Lockdowns File for Office

Tuesday was the candidate filing deadline and I'm happy to report that there are many pro-liberty candidates running for the Minnesota House and Senate. But the real exciting part is that some of the heroic people we came to know during COVID tyranny, have decided to step up and run for office.

Lisa Hanson

Lisa is the courageous bistro owner in Albert Lea that DEFIED Governor Walz' illegal and unconstitutional lockdowns. She REFUSED to let the tyrants trample on her rights and took a stand that ultimately landed her in jail. She inspires me each and every day!

Nurse Ashley Burg

Ashley is a nurse and one of the great everyday people that pushed back against the unethical mandates. One of the principles in medicine is that patients have a choice. She stood up for us all by saying these medical procedures should be voluntary. Her and other nurses started a massively successful Facebook group that had over 50,000 members before Big Tech shut it down. 

Larvita McFarquhar

What can we say besides "JUSTICE FOR LARVITA!". That was the mantra we had at the end of 2020. Larvita is a single, black mother of four beautiful daughters who also refused to give into tyranny. She said she had to take a stand to teach her daughters to stand up for what is right, even if prevailing winds are doing wrong. She got many Fox News hits about her story and inspired patriots far and wide to also push back.  

What do all these ladies have in common besides being hugely courageous and inspiring tens of thousands of patriots?  They're all running against weak Republican politicians who REFUSE to co-sign the Never Again bill that would put an end to Unilateral Governor's Emergency Powers. And all of them started spending billions of your surplus money.

Like so many politicians, it takes people stepping up to the plate to say, "If you won't represent us by co-signing the Never Again bill, pushing for a vote and passing it, we'll get someone who will."

Politicians care about three things:

  1. Election
  2. Re-election
  3. Election to higher office

And unless grassroots patriots show a real threat to their power and their path to those things, we will not be taken seriously and we will not be represented. 

Years ago it was unheard of that good people would stand up and challenge the Political Class. Now it's happening in droves all over the state. 

There are challenges from the Canadian border all the way to the Iowa border. And everywhere in-between. The Political Class is getting worried about the challenge to their power.

Nearly half of Republican Senate seats have primary challengers this year because these senators refuse to represent We The People.

But it's not just Weak Republican politicians who are in trouble - Far-left Democrats in vulnerable seats have challenges this year as well. 

The real question that needs to be asked is: How many political careers and politicians losing their seats will it take for legislators to realize they better fight for us or they will pay the ultimate political price? But the road to challenging the Political Class isn't easy. We've heard that some of these candidates have been intimidated and threatened with erroneous legal actions. The tricks of the repugnant Political Class is on full display!

I'm happy to tell you though that these candidates are warriors. And I can't thank them enough for stepping up to the plate! We need more good people running for office to join Rep Erik Mortensen in St Paul.

This is a critically important election. If we want to make sure tyrannical emergency powers and mandates Never Happen Again, we need fresh blood representing us in St Paul...not the same old Career Politicians who have failed us. 

Woke Sports Journalist Shames Unvaccinated Twins Players

The nasty fake news of The Star Tribune shamed Minnesota athletes from the Twins and Vikings who have chosen not to receive the COVID shots. One of their top propagandists, Jim Souhan, is no medical expert. He is just a radical leftist posing as a sports analyst. 

Twins players who evoked their medical freedom will not be allowed into Dictator Justin Trudea’s Canada for a game out in Toronto. Instead of attacking Canada’s policy to discriminate based on a vaccine that doesn’t work, the Star Tribune attacks Minnesota ballplayers.

Coercion was used to manipulate individuals since this virus leaked from the Wuhan Lab and has continued to forcing healthy individuals to take a vaccine that they do not want. These athletes are some of the healthiest people in the world and can make their own decisions. We are not children of Government, we are children of God that were given free will.

Souhan argued that Kirk Cousins’ COVID infection and refusal to get the shots led to the removal of Coach Mike Zimmer! What a load of BS! Even Bill Gates is admitting that the clot-shots are not effective in preventing infection and spreading. If the globalist Elites can admit defeat, this low level sports journalist can too. 

Action 4 Liberty stands with the Twins and Vikings athletes who are fighting for their freedom despite massive pressure. Their dream jobs are threatened by power hungry pencil-neck geeks. No vaccine should be mandates, especially when it doesn’t work. Keep fighting the good fight!

Legislative Session Ends Without Spending Most of Surplus

Give it All Back! That was the resounding call from taxpayers as the legislative session was coming to a close. Minnesotans were overcharged by $12 Billion, but big spending Republicans and Democrats were cutting deals on how to spend our money.

Now the Legislature and Governor are discussing coming back and spending the surplus during a Special Session. This is unbelievable! Republicans have the ultimate bargaining position. They don't have to spend a dime of our money; instead, they can let voters decide this fall if the Legislature should Give It All Back!

RINO Majority Leader Jeremy Miller is meeting behind closed doors with awful Governor Tim Walz to hash out the final details of a "deal." We can't let these guys spend OUR surplus money! It's about $4,000 per taxpayer - they owe you and me A LOT of money.

I don't know about you, but my family could sure use that money right now. When the government overtaxes us, they should be returning the money immediately - not spending it on more wasteful government projects.

Stay tuned to Action 4 Liberty for more up-to-date information on your surplus money. If you haven't signed the Give it Back petition yet, please click on the link below.



Important Message on Your Surplus

Please watch my important message on how your legislators are selling out and about to spend our surplus money!

The Legislative Session ends on Sunday night. They are going to try to spend your money while you are out enjoying the weather with family and friends. 

Don't let these politicians get away with wasting our money on more government. Tell your legislators to GIVE IT BACK!