Ilhan Omar Demands Climate Emergency in Debunked Tweet

Ilhan Omar took to Twitter on Monday night to demand a “national climate emergency” based on her claim that “The earth just broke the record for the hottest day in 120,000 years.” Thankfully, the Twitter Community Notes debunked this claim almost immediately.

Community Notes are Twitter users’ way of fact-checking ridiculous claims by big accounts – as long as they cite their sources. The climate hysterics have been enraged by this feature on Twitter, mostly because they get fact-checked every single time.

In response to her Tweet, the community notes state that “The source for this claim appears to be the University of Maine Climate Reanalyzer which has added a recent notice making it clear that it should not be taken as official observation records.” In other words, her source is not an official observation. In fact, we are not even able to track climate from 120,000 years ago!

The fearmongering surrounding climate change only exists to control the population. In Denmark, farmers revolted after new regulations forced them to cut their greenhouse emissions by half. From their perspective, ridiculous regulations on farming were put into place to control the food supply – thus, controlling the people.

You better believe that Democrats want crazy Orwellian rules and regulations under a Green New Deal. If people buy their ridiculous claims, maybe they will get it.

Maybe Ilhan Omar can ask Joe Biden what the weather was like in Washington DC 120,000 years ago. 

ALERT: MN Dept. of Human Services DELETING Emails

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) is implementing a new policy that would delete emails over a year old, preventing Patriots in Minnesota from requesting the data and learning what the department has done with our tax money. This move is one of the most anti-transparency actions taken in our state in recent memory. If we cannot request our tax-funded documents and emails, corruption will be covered up and all hope may be lost.  

The American model of government is designed Constitutionally to recognize our God-given Rights, treat us fairly in the eyes of the law, and allow citizens to have transparency by requesting data and government documents. Unfortunately, our government has strayed so far from our founding principles that we are fundamentally unrecognizable. Corruption does not often find the light of day unless it is exposed, meaning that politicians and bureaucrats are not held accountable without transparency measures to inform We the People. We live in an information war where propaganda is everywhere and the truth is hidden.

In our state, citizens can file a Data Practices Request from whatever agency or department they want information for, if you face trouble, contact the Data Practices Office for direction. The DHS says that emails containing official government documents will not be deleted, if we want to believe them. A spokesman for the DHS even suggested that they are hiding and deleting information because it was “primarily intended to help improve the agency’s data protection protocols and ensure that sensitive data are safeguarded”. However, state agencies are already required to protect personal and private data with the MN Data Practices Act so this move is designed to limit the information we can have.

The DHS annually gets about $10 Billion of our tax dollars and is seeking to hide information that belongs to the public. For deep research into complicated matters, you need to be able to track all communication for a given agency to put all of the pieces together. This action will severely limit the ability by citizens to know how the DHS responds with incidents or with how certain policies are created. 

Minnesota does not have a specific policy that governs over departments and agencies for the retention of data. This gives the DHS the ability to eliminate proper oversight from the citizens who pay their salaries! They must be forgetting that it is not government data, it is OUR data. Aside from the philosophical argument, there is no practical argument to this corrupt DHS decision because data storage is cheap, effective, and secure. It does not appear that any other agency or department deletes their emails in this fashion, so what is the DHS hoping to cover up?

Minnesota has been no stranger to fraud and corruption. Most notably, the Feeding our Future scam was uncovered that showed how our tax dollars were truly being spent. The Department of Human Services haven’t been angels themselves with past compliance and oversight issues. This move to limit the public’s oversight of our state will do us major harm.

Patriots in Minnesota must take immediate action and request all data from the DHS that is scheduled for deletion. We deserve any and all records that do not contain private data so we can ensure no corruption is taking place. Consider this a call to action: Find an issue within the DHS that you want to dig into, request the data, and save it so it cannot be deleted. The removal of transparency is a slap in the face to citizens who wish to inform themselves. We the People need to rise up or all semblance of freedom will dissipate.

AG Ellison: Clarence Thomas Illegetimate, Needs to be Impeached

Minnesota’s top legal official, Attorney General Keith Ellison, is traveling the country promoting a new book. In a recent interview with the Michigan Chronical, Ellison unloads on conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, including calling for his impeachment.

Ellison focused most of his attacks on “ethical” concerns with Thomas. Particularly, Thomas’s relationship with GOP donor Harlan Crow. Many respectable Judges and legal scholars have called these concerns baseless.

He told news anchor Andre Ash that "Harlan Crow basically controls Clarence Thomas." He later says that "He's abdicating his responsibility, he has abdicated it a long time ago. When he got in office he was this way, he's this way now. Maybe he is worse now. So, Clarence Thomas needs to be impeached. Clarence Thomas is illegitimate and has no basis in the job that he is in."

And of course, Ellison has no public opinions about the corruption from Justice Sotomayor. The DailyWire reported that she accepted $3 million from Penguin Random House Publishers, but did not recuse herself in a major case where she voted to rule in favor of the publisher. Clarence Thomas, on the other hand, has not ruled in cases involving his friends or associates.

This all comes down to Thomas’ status as a stalwart conservative Justice on the court. That is the real reason that Ellison believes he is “illegitimate” and should be impeached. 

It should also be noted the Attorney General does not care about ethics in the slightest. In 2018, his ex-girlfriend made concerning domestic abuse allegations against him. Is it an impeachable offense? Probably not, and neither was Ellison’s behavior.

Do not let politicians like Ellison tell you what is moral or right. They only do so to achieve their desired political outcome.

Here’s How ‘Sound of Freedom’ Is Beating Box Office Expectations

The hit film, Sound of Freedom, has shattered expectations in theaters. The film follows the true story of Tim Ballard (played by Jim Caviezel) and his efforts to hold child traffickers accountable. The left-wing corporate media is outraged by the film’s success and has done everything they can to discredit both the cast and the storyline.

To get specific, the film has grossed an outstanding $53 million from a $14.5 million budget. On opening day, it actually beat the new Indiana Jones movie in box office ticket sales.

Not only is the story itself engaging, but the message is even more profound. Child trafficking is a real and visible issue, which is why it touches the hearts of parents and families who watch the film. The left, however, is trying to connect the movie with Q-Anon (a theory that is not mentioned at all in the film). Here is what Rolling Stone said of the movie:

“The misconceptions about child trafficking promoted by Sound of Freedom are in many ways compounded by the fact that the film has received widespread acclaim from the far right, particularly proponents of the QAnon conspiracy theory, which posits that a shadowy ring of elites is sexually abusing young children.”

As you would guess, left-wing outrage surrounding the film is only propelling it higher in box office totals.

Watch our team’s review of the movie on Rumble and be sure to see it in theaters while you can. The higher the box office totals go, the more embarrassed Hollywood elites will get.

Finke Refuses to Debate A4L Team

It appears one of our stories from yesterday struck a nerve.

Transgender State Representative Leigh Finke posted a screenshot of our story criticizing his disdain for the Bible, calling it “quite funny.” Naturally, our team took another opportunity to invite him to discuss his position on The Truth Hurts Show.

In response, the Democrat lawmaker accused our team of spreading “hateful degenerate smears and lies.”

Naturally, supporters of far-left gender ideology came in to defend Finke and issue threats of violence against me.

None of us are fazed. Remember, if the opposition resorts to angry tweets – you’re winning the argument.

To Leigh Finke, the offer to come on our show still stands.

MNGOP in Deep Debt with only $53 in the Bank

Full Democrat control in Minnesota has led us down a dark path towards destruction. There was no need for compromise, debate, or common sense when radical leftists control the Legislature, Executive Branch, courts, and media. Demoncrats checked off every item on their Communist wishlist and there is no end in sight. The Dems didn’t win Minnesota because they are cunning and have great ideas. The Dems won because the MNGOP is totally ineffective and corrupt. 

Corrupt MNGOP Chair David Hann and other goons in the party have done everything they can to silence and muzzle grassroots patriots instead of doing the hard work of winning elections. It is the job and duty of the state Republican party to treat candidates fairly during the endorsement process, support endorsed candidates, push a conservative agenda, win Republican majorities, and pressure Legislators to live up to the promises they made on the campaign trail. Unfortunately, the MNGOP is more concerned with intra-party power grabs than fighting for our liberty.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the leader of a party is responsible for their performance in an election. In this case, we saw unpopular Democrats running for re-election statewide in what was supposed to be a red wave year. Instead of rallying conservatives to unify behind strong messaging, Hann and the MNGOP preferred weak, anti-freedom Republicans over strong conservatives in nearly every district and race. Hann even went as far as cutting off data access for endorsed candidates weeks before the primary simply because they didn’t fit into Hann’s establishment mold. Those candidates included Tom Dippel (Cottage Grove), Mark Bishofsky (Stillwater), Bill Lieske (Lonsdale), Natalie Barnes (Prior Lake) and Bret Bussman (Browerville). The Establishment similarly did this to Jeremy Munson in 2020.  

Following the primary, things did not get much better. During the general election, Hann sent out an email to candidates demanding that they use establishment, “poll-tested” answers as it relates to abortion. Hann even suggests that Minnesota has a Constitutional Right to have abortions! Instead of confronting Demoncrats on their support for late-term/post-birth abortions, Hann wanted candidates to be defensive and play right into the liberals’ hands. Recently, MNGOP puppets locked out 33 patriotic GOP delegates from the Otter Tail County Republican convention! Corrupt actors will stop at no end to feed into their power hungry egos.

Now the MNGOP is flat out broke! It’s long been known that they are pathetic fundraisers (largely due to shutting out grassroots conservative voices) but now we know that they couldn’t be fiscally responsible to save their lives! The MNGOP is $334,000 in debt and only has $53.81 in the bank according to their most recent FEC report! This is the party of fiscal conservatism? Comparatively, the Minnesota Democrats have over $794,000 in the bank and zero debt. 

MNGOP conventions and Republican events statewide are notorious for desperate tactics to squeeze money out of conservatives. Even to be a guest (non-voting member) at their recent State Central Committee meeting cost you $40. When you add all of the convention attendance payments, merchandise sales, small and big donations, and government handouts the party gets, they should be loaded! Perhaps they are at rock bottom because they’ve spent all of their money sending out cheesy and ineffective mailers like the one below:

Or maybe the MNGOP is broke because they’ve been bankrolling a liberal law firm used by the Establishment to target Action 4 Liberty. As we’ve reported, the MNGOP swamp has a wing in the State Senate with their ironically named unit: The Senate Victory Fund (SVF). The SVF is currently weaponizing the state government against Action 4 Liberty for phony allegations. However, the MNGOP paid the same law firm $38,000 (with nearly $28,000 in debt) in 2022 and you can read the report for yourself here. See the disbursement below:

To make matters worse, reporting suggests that the MNGOP has not paid their staff since February! There is zero motivation to make the party strong and competitive because they can't afford to pay talent! Politics is a game that takes money to win and that will never happen when losers lead the party.

The MNGOP is in shambles and David Hann has a proven track record of sinking the ship. Hann attacks conservative candidates, supports unendorsed RINOs, shuns common citizen Patriots, wastes donation money, and loses elections up and down the ticket. If the Republican Party ever wants to be effective and win in Minnesota, it starts at the top. Look to the leaders who failed us and gave us complete Democratic control for blame. The failures of the MNGOP rests solely on David Hann and the Establishment’s lap.

Rep Leigh Finke Says Teaching Bible in School ‘Actually Unconstitutional’

Transgender Democrat State Representative Leigh Finke has gone on another Twitter tirade, this time focusing on the teaching of the Christian Bible in public schools. He even goes as far as saying that “it’s actually unconstitutional to teach the Bible in school.”

Finke posted his views about Christianity and the Bible in a series of tweets on Thursday, reacting to an Oklahoma Superintendent's comments in support of Christian teaching.


There are countless reasons that the Bible should (and is) taught in public schools. Several religions are taught in schools, because they all play a critical role in world history. There is nothing “unconstitutional” about providing historical context.

And though he will never admit it, Finke has long advocated for religious teaching in schools. His insistence on LGBTQ education is almost a religion of its own, which worships sexual identity and self gratification.

Finke’s god is LGBTQ ideology.

He has written a variety of books about children and transgender ideology. Including the infamous Queerfuly and Wonderfully Made, which encourages Christian teenagers to engage in sexual self-satisfaction, regardless of who or how that comes about.

If Finke wants religious books banned in schools, we can all start by ensuring his books are taken out of every public library.

Whistleblower: FBI Ignoring Anti-Censorship Ruling

A whistleblower testified to the House Judiciary Committee on Monday that the FBI is ignoring the recent Missouri v. Biden court ruling. This decision, made by US District Judge Terry Doughty, prohibits the Federal Government from working with social media companies to censor speech.

This comes after the Biden administration actually sought a stay on this decision while it is appealed, which was denied. Implying that the White House had plans to continue their work with social media companies to censor speech.

Our team wrote about the ruling earlier this week, which appeared to be a huge win for free speech advocates. Supposedly, the FBI has no plans in place to enforce the ruling.

The Washington Times states that no bureau-wide emails went out informing agents of the court ruling, implying that business as usual will ensue. That means that agents will continue to meet with big tech CEOs like Mark Zuckerburg to censor speech that goes against the mainstream narrative.

As you probably know well, any criticism of COVID-19, vaccines, masks, or the 2020 election will earn you bans on several big tech platforms. The fact that no steps have been taken to enforce Judge Doughty’s decision should alarm the American people.

If government agencies openly disobey the Constitution, we no longer have a lawful and orderly country.

Minneapolis Still Prioritizing Social Workers Over Police

Minnesota was ground zero for the “defund the police” movement sparked by the 2020 BLM riots. It gained the support of prominent politicians like Ilhan Omar and Keith Ellison. Police recruitment numbers in Minneapolis have dropped drastically since then, thanks to the help of both the local and national political environments.

Last June, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that the city must lawfully provide funding for a minimum of 731 police officers. As it stands, Minneapolis Police Department has just under 500 officers on staff. The lack of officers willing to serve likely comes from a variety of issues, chief among them the intense scrutiny coming from the Biden administration.

Now, the city of Minneapolis has laid out its “Minneapolis Safe and Thriving Communities Report and Plan” for the future of policing. True to the calls from BLM, the report focuses on hiring social workers to respond to calls, rather than making conditions better for officers.

For example, this plan calls for civilian “domestic violence advocates” to respond to domestic violence disputes (pg 62). The report also recommends “civilian investigators and/or advocates” for sexual assault crimes (pg 63). You can read all the provisions in the report here.

There is certainly a place for volunteers and non-police officers for the good of public service, but putting them in harm’s way is not a productive use of the city’s resources or time. Government exists to protect the rights of the people, which includes the right to be free from dangerous and armed criminals.

If you live in or near the city of Minneapolis, there is a good chance you should be ready to protect yourself and your family. While you still can, consider getting a concealed carry permit and purchase a firearm. If the government will not protect you, you must protect yourself.

MN Court of Appeals says Walz Mask Mandate was Constitutional

In Minnesota, everything is backwards; Men can be women. Criminals are heroes. Police are the enemy. Pedophiles are misunderstood and children can’t drive or drink but they can have their bodies mutilated. Now, unconstitutional and tyrannical orders by a power-hungry Governor are Constitutional and perfectly legal.

Mask mandates were measures implemented to control the public and force compliance during the pandemic. In March of 2020, Walz began the Peacetime Emergency powers which the courts have apparently viewed as all encompassing powers. Legislature be damned! 

As we’ve reported, masks are ineffective and did nothing to stop or slow the spread of Covid. While N95 masks are useful in surgical settings, there is zero evidence that widespread use by the public yielded any positive benefits. Cloth masks were nothing more than a joke and this has even been admitted by Dr. Fauci in leaked emails. In addition, many individuals faced respiratory issues with masking and children’s learning went down the tube without the knowledge acquired through interpreting facial expressions.

Of course, utility is not the main issue with masks or mask mandates. The real issue is that no person, or even a Governor, has the authority to unilaterally mandate masking for the general public on both public and private land. Walz had no concern for struggling business owners during Covid and strictly enforced his edicts. Citizens across our state had their natural rights infringed.

The Upper Midwest Law Center sued Walz and correctly argued that the mask mandates were unconstitutional but the MN Court of Appeals rejected any shred of truth from their courtroom. Under state law, Peacetime Emergency Powers are only to be implemented when a pandemic or similar occurrence is an “act of nature”. However, the Upper Midwest Law Center pointed out that Covid is not an “act of nature” because its origin is likely to be man-made and created in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Minnesota needs a serious wake up call because if tyranny is Constitutional then the grass is blue. We live in a bizarre time where politicians try to gaslight us into believing the exact opposite of the truth! Despite Patriots knowing the truth the entire time, the MN Court of Appeals is setting precedent by granting authority to any future Governor to shut down our state, force us to wear masks, and be coerced into getting an experimental shot. 

This court decision proves that legislators MUST pass the Never Again Bill so a Governor has no legal authority to infringe on our rights or unilaterally declare an emergency.