Walz Gives Us Crumbs - Continues Illegal Orders Killing Businesses

Governor Walz continues exercising his illegal and immoral Emergency Orders, deciding this afternoon to give crumbs to Minnesotans in the face of building pressure to his powers. Instead of turning to freedom and allowing all of us to determine how best to control COVID, Walz decreed that:

- Bars and restaurants can operate at 50% capacity indoors, but no more than 150 people. He mandates how many can sit at a table and that reservations must be made so the government can trace people. Also, bars must close at 10 p.m.

- Gyms can only operate at 25% capacity indoors, but no more than 150 people. 9 feet of distance between exercises and only 25 people allowed in a fitness class at one time.

- Bowling alleys, movie theaters and museums will be permitted at 25% capacity, but no more than 150 people. 

- Youth sports still require masks to be worn and only up to 150 people can attend as spectators 

- Religious worship can only be practiced at 50% capacity

Action 4 Liberty believes in full freedom. The Governor acts as a king if he believes he can continue to dictate to the people how they can operate their businesses. We must continue to do everything we can to End Walz' Emergency Powers immediately. 


Democrat Leaders OBSTRUCT Process to Avoid Vote on Ending Walz' Powers

Democrat Leaders CROSSED A LINE today. They completely ignored the Rules of the Minnesota House in order to avoid hearing the Resolution to End Walz' Emergency Powers.

But thankfully Rep Erik Mortenson, on his first day in office, challenged the Democrats and made a motion to bring forward the Resolution. He believes what we all believe: there's no more important issue in Minnesota right now than Ending Walz' Emergency Powers.

A veteran legislator told Mort back in November that he should just be quiet and learn the process for the first two years. Thankfully Mort didn't listen to that swamp dweller!

Democrat leadership saw how effective your calls and emails were. They had a crisis on their hands last night. Which is precisely why they decided to ignore Mortensen's Resolution and motion today which violates the Rules of the House. 

How do they expect us to peacefully participate in the political process if they just throw out the rules?! 

So Mort made a bold move in his first speech in the Legislature and challenged Democrat leadership in front of all Minnesota. And when ruled out of order, he and others didn't quit!




As you can see, Mort's motion was ruled out of order by the Speaker of the House. So Republicans quickly moved to challenge the ruling of the Speaker. If overruled, we would've got a clean vote to End Walz' Emergency Powers.

But it turns out that Reps Ecklund, Lislegard, Marquart, Pelowski, Sandstede and Sundin are all a bunch of FRAUDS! When their vote actually mattered to End Walz' Emergency Powers, they voted against their voters and their constituents. 

Now comes the time for our pressure campaign. We will make sure every voter in their districts knows how their legislator is voting. And we have lined up digital ads, print ads, call campaigns and much more. Legislators like Sandstede, who won by only 50 votes in November, have two options: vote the right way and End Walz' Emergency Powers or start to see the pain from our massive pressure campaign.

And I mean it. We've been building resources for this fight and we know YOU will keep helping us out until we finally win and End Walz' Emergency Powers once and for all.

It's going to be incredibly painful for Ecklund, Lislegard, Marquart, Pelowski, Sandstede and Sundin if they want to put Governor Walz' powers ahead of the needs of their constituents. 

Democrat leaders will continue to do everything they can to avoid an actual vote by using parliamentary procedures. Including changing the House Rules to require a 60% threshold to bring the vote to the Floor. We'll hold Ecklund, Lislegard, Marquart, Pelowski, Sandstede and Sundin personally accountable if this passes.

We also now know that a water-downed, Fake End Walz' Powers bill is being drafted with help from Republican Rep Barb Haley. Democrat leadership stated this bill will likely get a vote in a couple weeks. This also MUST be opposed

You see why the team at Action 4 Liberty has to work around the clock in this fight? They are pulling every trick in the book.

I have to ask you for some help. We're on the goal line now; we're so close. Help us by doing one of two things. Support our pressure campaign by volunteering to make phone calls or by helping with a donation so we can hire more callers, buy more ads, and ratchet up the pressure.

YES, I want to Volunteer


I don't have the time, but would like to donate


We still need YOUR help to finish this off. We owe it to Larvita, Jane, Jeremiah, Lisa and all the other businesses who are under assault by Governor Walz. Let's have their back and End Walz' Emergency Powers once and for all.

These legislators can't outrun us forever. This will be up for a vote again soon. And as long as you help fund our pressure campaign or volunteer your time, we can assure you these legislators will feel the pain!

Please help put the pressure on these cowardly, fraudulent Democrats with a donation of $100. If that's too steep, $50 or $25 can go along way to holding them accountable. Want to help even more, consider a one time donation of $500. We need you on board!


Jake Duesenberg

President, Action 4 Liberty

AG Keith Ellison Threatens 'Enslavement' in Court Motion Against Restaurant Owner Larvita

The Minnesota Attorney General's office asked the 2nd Circuit Court to impose further sanctions on Larvita McFarquhar, which included "imprisonment in the county work farm" for up to 6 months. Larvita, a single mother of four and small business owner, made news in November for opening up her restaurant Havens Gardens in defiance of the Governor's illegal executive orders. She was sued by Attorney General Keith Ellison in Ramsey County, despite her restaurant and place of residence being over 100 miles away in southern Minnesota. 

In mid-December, the court ruled in favor of the AG and a subsequent hearing determined that Larvita would be fined $250 a day. However, Larvita refused to follow the Governor's orders, which led to more government bullying. The AG's office filed a Motion for Further Contempt Sanctions that went a step further than the $250 a day fine; they want her imprisoned. 

(See Full Motion here)

Larvita described the move in an emotional Facebook Live video this afternoon claiming the state is trying to "enslave" her. "They want me to stop working at my business, to enslave me, jail me, so I can work for the state" said Larvita. 

Is this America? Our government is drunk with power and trying to crush small businesses, take mothers away from their families and throw them into work farms. This non-sense must STOP NOW!

Show your support for Larvita by signing the petition:


Four Democrats Targeted to End Walz' Emergency Powers

January is quickly approaching, which means it's time to deal a MAJOR BLOW to the political machine in St Paul and Tyrant Tim Walz. All the work over the past year that led to us removing four Walz cronies from office, will culminate in a showdown once the legislature meets...


The math is finally on our side to End Walz' Emergency Powers once and for all. We've already had six Democrats vote our way, which means we only need four of them to continue voting that way...and we've WON!

If we fail, our beloved businesses who are under assault from Tyrant Walz and our awful Attorney General will likely fail and go bankrupt. And the liberties we are losing everyday that this lockdown continues, will be lost for good. The stakes are incredibly high!

Capitol insiders are telling us right now that some of the Democrats who voted the right way in the past, aren't so certain they are going to vote the right way now that the election is over and the new legislative session is beginning. Are you kidding me???

These politicians: Reps Marquart, Sandstede, Lislegard and Ecklund are starting to waiver. Are they really going to put Governor Walz ahead of their own constituents???

We need your help to remind them that Governor Walz' illegal and immoral lockdown is harming Minnesota. The legislature MUST strip him of his powers immediately to stop the pain.

Here are the Games They'll Play

  • Kill the Resolution

  • Avoid Hearing it

  • Water it Down - Fake End Powers Bill


As you and I are reaching out to these Democrats, so is Governor Tim Walz. He's getting nervous that his powers are going to be eliminated - he won't go down without a fight. Democrats are going to do their best to Kill the Resolution to End Walz' Emergency Powers. However, angry voters are more powerful than anything Walz can promise them (campaign funds, committee assignments, etc). So your calls and emails are key!

If they can't kill the bill, Democrat leaders will try to avoid an actual vote by using parliamentary procedures. Tell these Democrat targets that they MUST stand up against Democrat leadership so we get a clean vote on Ending Walz' Emergency Powers.

When killing and avoiding doesn't work, Democrat, and even Republican leadership, will start watering down the Resolution. We're starting to hear that weak-kneed Republicans are preparing to cut backroom deals with the Democrats on a Fake End Walz' Powers bill. It's bad enough that the Republicans in Washington D.C. just sold us out - massive stimulus bill with billions of dollars going overseas - we can't let them make deals with Democrats in St Paul.

Tell these Democrat targets that we DEMAND a clean vote on the End Walz' Emergency Powers Resolution. No compromise! And if you have a Republican Rep, make sure he or she only supports a clean vote on Ending Walz' Emergency Powers.

Lastly, the political establishment will try to BLACK OUT the vote by avoiding a roll call. House rules require 15 members to raise their hands in order to get a recorded vote. When politicians don't want to be held accountable, they avoid roll call votes so nothing is shown on the record. We MUST DEMAND a roll call vote on every single procedural move.

To recap, on January 5th when the Legislature convenes, we DEMAND a clean vote on the End Walz' Emergency Powers Resolution. No gimmicks, no fake bills, no refusal to obtain a roll call vote. It's time everyone is on board to finally end the pain.

If you want to finally put an End to Walz' Emergency Powers, call, text and/or email these four Democrat targets. Democrat Reps Gene Pelowski and Mike Sundin have already told their constituents that they'll vote the right way (we'll be watching to make sure they do!). So we need you to contact these four other Democrats immediately:


Rep Paul Marquart - 701-371-1949 - [email protected]

Rep Julie Sandstede - 218-969-7009 - [email protected]

Rep Dave Lislegard - 218-343-7965 - [email protected]

Rep Rob Ecklund - 218-341-6133 - [email protected] 


Larvita Slams Stimulus Bill & Governor Walz on Fox

Larvita joined Pete Hegseth this morning on Fox & Friends to discuss the pork filled stimulus bill that is a slap in the face of Americans. Here's the video:

A court ruled that Larvita is not allowed to open her doors per the Governor's illegal orders, but she refuses to give up her liberty. Despite accruing $250/day in fines, Larvita will not give in to the government bullies like Attorney General, Keith Ellison. The AG's office is going after small business all across Minnesota right now with threats and lawsuits. A lot of the businesses who opened up are on the cusp of losing everything, but Ellison doesn't seem to care.


ReOpen Minnesota Tour

The ReOpen Tour with Rep-Elect Mortensen 

We went on the road Wednesday and Thursday from Lakeville to East Grand Forks, to support the many restaurants/bars who opened up in defiance of Governor Walz. 


Here's what we learned from the tour:

1. Owners were extremely concerned about the financial livelihood of their employees.
2. The Attorney General and Governor Tim Walz are scrambling to exert their unconstitutional authority. Clearly they’re worried about "We The People" overpowering them.
3. Governor Walz has lost the consent of the governed in massive numbers.
4. Every owner sees this fight as critically important for the preservation of our constitutional Republic.
5. Owners, employees and guests were all willing to risk jail time for what they believe in.
6. Guests rewarded these brave small business owners and tipped VERY generously.


Our hero from Lynd, MN got a little emotional yesterday on Facebook live when she broke the news that a judge ruled in favor of Keith Ellison instead of her freedoms. These robed gangsters are supposed to believe in the rule of law, but they have manipulated the legal system to allow one person to unilaterally infringe on our liberties. 

But Larvita still won't back down! She won't let anyone stop her from pursuing her American dream. Where's that kind of courage at the Minnesota Capitol?


Jane Moss Has a Hearing Today

Jane, who owns the Boardwalk Bar & Grill in East Grand Forks, will be in court today against Keith Ellison. She has pretty good legal representation and the case is being heard outside of Ramsey County, which puts a couple more things in her favor.

Please help Jane by contributing to her legal defense fund.

Jane also inspired another business owner in town to open up on Wednesday. His name is Joe and he's 19 years old and already owns two restaurants. Governor Walz is literally crushing a young man's dreams and he could not stand back and take it anymore.


We're Preparing for January

We helped take out four of Walz' rubber stamp cronies in the November election. So in January, when the new legislature swears in, the math is on our side to finally pass the End Walz' Emergency Powers Resolution once and for all. 

Our team is already working on our pressure campaign to make sure we get the votes in January. It's time that Governor Walz' powers get stripped and our freedoms are restored. Help equip our team with the resources we need to win in January!


Jane Moss on Fox & Friends - Won't Follow Illegal Orders

Jane Moss, the owner of the Boardwalk Bar & Grill in East Grand Forks, joined Fox & Friends this morning to discuss the movement in Minnesota to open up in defiance of Governor Walz' illegal and unconstitutional orders. Over 150 businesses plan to open up by the end of the week as part of the ReOpen MN Coalition. News broke last night that Walz would continue his illegal shutdown of bars & restaurants through the holiday season.

Currently, Jane is being sued by Attorney General Keith Ellison and had a restraining order placed on her by a Walz' appointed judge. There's even a looming threat of arrests for Jane. But she vows to stand up to Governor Walz despite the threats.

A legal defense fund has been set up for Jane to help with costs. Click here to support her.

List of Businesses Opening Up Across Minnesota

Here's the list of businesses who are already open or will be open by this Friday as part of the ReOpen MN Coalition and are willing to have their names public. If you don't see your favorite bar or restaurant on the list, call them up and ask if they are joining the effort to open up in defiance of Governor Walz' illegal order.

Republicans and Democrats Pass Walz' Shutdown Bailout Bill

On Monday, the Republican controlled Senate and Democrat House both passed the Governor Walz' Shutdown Bailout bill (SF31). The bill uses taxpayer money to give small businesses impacted by the illegal shutdown temporary relief, which won't make up for the complete loss of revenues due to Walz' orders. It also expands unemployment benefits for workers affected by the shutdown, making more Minnesotans dependent on government paychecks instead of ones from their actual jobs. 

Only four senators voted against the bill in the Senate: Bruce Anderson, Jeff Howe, Scott Jensen & Andrew Mathews. The House vote had more opposition:

Before voting for the bailout bill, the Minnesota Senate passed the End Walz' Emergency Powers Resolution with six Democrats voting with them: Bakk, Even, Hoffman, Simonson, Sparks & Tomassoni.

The Minnesota House passed the massive Walz' Shutdown Bailout bill first, then Republicans had to force a vote on the End Walz' Emergency Powers Resolution. It failed on a 62-63 vote. Rep Rob Ecklund, one of our targets, finally flipped his vote.


Walz Tries Shutting Down Indoor Gun Range - Owner Defies His Illegal Order

Governor Walz and the Attorney General's office are going after an indoor gun range in Cloquet, MN for remaining open in defiance of the Governor's recent illegal executive order. Chad Walsh and his wife, Laura, own Dead On Arms which provides law abiding gun owners a place to train their self defense skills; an important part of exercising our 2nd Amendment rights. However, Walsh has been harassed by the state and sheriff's department for remaining open, pointing to the closure of "indoor sports facilities" in Walz' orders as the basis of the complaint.

Chad not only believes the orders are illegal, he says they go against an important state statute that protects the rights of gun owners during state emergencies. MN Statute 624.7192 states that no government official may "prohibit, regulate, or curtail the otherwise lawful possession, carrying, transportation, transfer, defensive use, or other lawful use" of firearms, ammunition or components of those items.

As the chief legal officer in the state, it's a shame that Attorney General Keith Ellison is ignoring our state's rule of law and Constitution. Governors cannot create laws unilaterally, especially ones that infringe on protected rights. This matter is particularly important to Chad because he also serves as police officer with the Moose Lake Police Department. When he makes arrests or cites individuals, he has a state statute behind the enforcement. But in the case of Walz' illegal shutdown, there's no law that has passed and is therefore unenforceable.

We asked Chad what he plans to do and he stated he'll fight this one to the end. Jail and fines do not deter him from doing what's right. If we allow Walz to chip away at our gun rights, we will lose far more down the road. We stand with you, Chad!