Fed Raises Interest Rates Again, When is the Jig Finally Up?!

The Federal Reserve announced that it is increasing interest rates again in attempt to curb inflation, moving the benchmark fed funds rate to 5.25% - 5.50%. As you probably have noticed, gas and food prices are going back up. And it's not getting cheaper to eat out these days.

The Federal Reserve is playing with fire! If they don't raise rates, which many politicians in Washington prefer, then consumer prices continue to rise and hurt American families. Raising rates contracts the money supply by making it more costly for people to take out loans, therefore less money is put into the banks and circulates in the economy. With less money circulating in the economy, the less bidding up of consumer goods there is, therefore, less inflation.

However, raising rates makes bond prices fall, housing prices fall and makes servicing government debt more unmanageable. Plus, many of the banks that have bet big on artificially low bond and housing interest rates, will go under. We've already seen a couple banks go under with the previous rate increases in the last year. More notably, the amount of assets of those banks rival the total that failed in the Great Recession.

We're damned if they do and damned if they don't. The prospects of a gloomy economy in the future is high. Just remember that it was politicians in Washington that caused it. 

Minneapolis Considering Insane Regulations on Uber/Lyft

The Minnesota Legislature nearly drove Uber out of the state this past legislative session. Now, the city of Minneapolis is considering the implementation of those same regulations. 

Senator Omar Fateh championed a bill through both the Minnesota House and Senate that would raise the minimum wage and require benefits for rideshare workers. Uber actually made a public statement about the bill, saying they would be forced to leave Minnesota if passed.

Governor Walz only vetoed the bill due to this pressure. At the time, many believed that this insane and anti-business idea was dead. However, Minneapolis has brought this proposal back into the mainstream.

The Minneapolis City Council is being lobbied by the Minnesota Uber & Lyft Driver’s Associasion (MULDA) to hold a public hearing on the proposal. Now, the City Council is considering a hearing which would be scheduled for August 8th.

Their arguments sound nice but they do not change reality. Uber and Lyft cannot feasibly afford to offer their services when they cost more than their margins allow.

If Minneapolis passes increased wage and benefit packages for rideshare workers, do not be surprised if Uber follows through with threats to leave the state.

Biden Impeachment Inquiry Imminent

Despite earning ire from the Republican base, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy appears poised to bring an impeachment inquiry to the House floor. McCarthy has repeatedly teased his support for impeachment over the past few days, with support from other congressional Republicans.

The calls for impeachment come from purported corruption by President Biden and his son Hunter. Republicans accuse Biden of using his office as Barack Obama’s Vice-President to get his son a job on the board of Ukrainian-owned Burisma - an energy company.

Biden threatened to withhold funding to the country in 2016 if the country didn’t end its investigation into Burisma. In fact, he bragged about doing so at a forum. As predicted, the corrupt mainstream media has rushed to defend Biden.

However, McCarthy has promised to bring more corruption allegations to light. He alleges that Biden is refusing to cooperate with current investigations and is using the Department of Justice (DOJ) to cover his tracks.

To be clear, the impeachment inquiry simply lays the infrastructure for the House to further investigate wrongdoing by Biden. From there, the House can vote on impeaching him. 

The Speaker must do everything he can to hold Biden accountable. Democrats impeached President Trump twice with flimsy to no evidence. Now, Republicans have more than enough evidence to believe that Biden abused his power for financial gain.

This is frankly the bare minimum for House Republicans. Biden tried mandating vaccines on all Americans, even threatening to push them out of mainstream society. He cooperated with social media companies to censor speech he did not like. Both things were ruled unconstitutional by the courts.

If McCarthy decides against holding the President accountable, conservative congressmen have the option to remove him as speaker.

StarTribune Calls Mama Bears ‘Extremists’

The term “mama bear” is synonymous with a mother or grandmother who turns to political activism to protect children from left-wing indoctrination. These parents are sometimes brand new to politics, but often become immediately effective as activists. These family-oriented individuals have just been branded “extremists” by the left-wing StarTribune.

On Sunday, the Minneapolis newspaper ran a story titled: 'Mama bears' may be the 2024 race's soccer moms. But where the GOP seeks votes, some see extremism.

The article introduces the popular parents rights group, Moms For Liberty as extreme. As with most leftist writers, they get this definition from the notorious Southern Poverty Law Center. According to the group, Moms for Liberty advocates for “the abolition of the Department of Education, advance a conspiracy propaganda, and spread hateful imagery and rhetoric against the LGBTQ community.”

Remember, the StarTribune is now run by former Walz commissioner Steve Grove. To the left, anyone who advocates for parental rights and school choice is an extremist. Are you surprised?

In Minnesota, this group is setting up a series of “See You at the Library” book tours in coordination with Christian filmmaker Kirk Cameron. For more details about Moms for Liberty and their efforts, check out their website – www.momsforliberty.org

What should be obvious to Democrat politicians is that mothers will be a key voting group in the 2024 election. By bowing to the whims of the teacher's union and pushing far-left gender ideology, Democrats seriously jeopardize their chances of victory.

Minnesota Could Go Red, But We're in Trouble if These Things Don't Happen

After just one legislative session, the Democrat Party turned Minnesota from an average midwest state to a radical, leftwing utopia. They passed tax increases, burned a record $21 Billion surplus on wasteful government projects, mandated carbon free energy by 2040 and legalized genital mutilation surgery for children as young as six. 

They took over Minnesota by defeating the "Red Wave" in the 2022 election where Republicans were vastly outspent by the Democrat Party and their allies. 

To win majorities in the Minnesota House & Senate, Democrats outspent Republicans $16,538,616 to $6,021,732. For statewide candidate races, Democrats spent $13,792,000 and Republicans spent $7,503,200. And independent expenditures by left-leaning groups spent another $36,737,325 to impact the 2022 elections. Republican-leaning groups only spent $6,268,750. All together, Democrats outspent Republicans 5 to 1.

Despite the huge money advantage on the left, races both locally and statewide were decided by razor-thin margins. Keith Ellison only won re-election as Attorney General by 20,815 votes (0.9%). Julie Blaha only won re-election as State Auditor by 8,435 votes (0.4%). And Democrats only secured their one-seat majority in the Minnesota Senate by 321 votes (0.7%) in Senate District 41. 

Many Republicans look hopefully to 2024 as a chance to take back part of the state government. Unfortunately, Republicans already have one crucial disadvantage – they have no money! We recently reported how new financial filings show the MNGOP has only $53 in the bank and went over $335,000 in debt.

The MNGOP isn't even able to pay some of its current employees in a critical time where they should be hiring huge field staff to build an election program to take back the Minnesota House in 2022. 

Even if the MNGOP wasn't broke, they misuse the funds they get (which might be why they are losing donors) by working against the Party's own endorsed candidates and spending time weaponizing government agencies against grassroots conservative groups like ours. They also water down their messaging, lack any clear vision and are completely miserable at branding. The people running the Party need to be removed and a real change agent is needed to turn things around...and the clock is ticking.

But all is not lost in Minnesota if things start taking shape NOW!

Minnesota can turn around if investments are made RIGHT NOW on training, recruiting and mobilizing. The Democrats are out of step with the average Minnesota voter when they vote for things like tax increases, partial birth abortion and genital mutilation surgery for minors. These issues must be pounded in the heads of voter over and over again until election day. It takes money to get the message out and its time for all of us to step up to the plate. 

Where that money goes is the bigger question. Let's be honest, I'm biased here. Throwing money at the same old milquetoast RINO groups is a waste. And they'll likely use some of it in the primary to defeat conservative candidates. 

Action 4 Liberty is prepared and ready to train activists. We trained thousands in 2022, but now we know, that number must be much, much larger. And we have the facility and experts to lead the best training for conservative activists. Plus, we'll take the lead on training an army of election judges to ensure our elections are secure. 

To drive home the messaging and expose the records of the Radical Left, there's no group like Action 4 Liberty to get the job done. When Governor Walz illegally shut down the state of Minnesota for COVID, we mobilized voters to pressure politicians. Walz eventually was forced to sign an end to his own emergency powers - right as the nation was considering vaccine mandates! We were successful because we rapidly hired field staff that door knocked and made the phone calls to voters, which created political pain for vulnerable politicians. And we can do that all again.

Minnesota MUST be saved. Otherwise, the Radical Left will destroy everything and turn us into a hopeless California. Don't let that happen. Support us today!

WATCH: Security Footags Shows Rep Wolgamott Chugging Bottle Of Vodka

DFL State Representative Dan Wolgamott was arrested on July 7th under suspicion of DWI. Now, security camera footage has been released that shows Wolgamott allegedly drinking a bottle of Vodka in a liquor store parking lot before getting in his car and driving away.

Watch below:

MN Gender Doctors Getting Calls ‘Every Week’

Now that Minnesota protects parents who bring children to Minnesota for genital mutilation surgeries, so-called gender-affirming “doctors” have stated that they are getting many calls from across the country. 

MPR News interviewed Dr. Kelsey Leonardsmith, who specializes in dangerous hormone treatments for children. She states that out-of-state visits used to be rare. Now, she gets “several each week.”

The Minnesota legislature just passed the genital-mutilation sanctuary legislation (HF146) this past spring. In the house, the legislation was authored by transgender representative Leigh Finke. Concerns brought up regarding the ability for children to consent to life-altering procedures were immediately dismissed by leftist politicians.

Now, it seems as though Minnesota is becoming a safehaven for these insane surgeries on minors. Family members have no jurisdiction over their own family once the child crosses the border into Minnesota. From there, the doctors are free to prescribe any kind of sex change operation they deem fit.

You need to be 18 to get a tattoo and 21 to smoke or drink. Why should you be allowed to get a non-medical life-altering surgery as young as 13?

Leonardsmith also told MPR News that hospitals are training up more doctors and staff to deal with the influx demand for genital-mutilation surgeries. Thankfully, doctors like her will not have the last word in this debate.

According to a Gallup poll fron June, fewer Americans support transgender participation in sports. In fact, fewer Americans are generally less accepting of the LGBTQ community. 69% of Americans now say that transgender athletes should play on the team that matches their birth identity. That is up an incredible 7 percentage points from 2021.

The mainstream media cannot compete with the truth. Now that documentaries like What is a Woman? have gained in popularity, many Americans are beginning to question the LGBTQ cultist narrative that they  have been fed for years.

If patriots like you keep pressing the issue, children may once again be protected in our nation from harmful and negligent medical procedures.

LGBTQ Cultists Go After Owatonna Mayor

Owatonna Mayor Tom Kuntz has come under fire from the LGBTQ cultists for comments made about his town’s pride event, dubbed “Rainbowatonna,” which took place last weekend. Now, he stands in the face of calls to resign.

Kuntz, a Republican, showed up at Associated Church’s weekend kickoff event on July 8th. According to many outlets, he asked church organizers whether or not there would be “stripper poles in the sanctuary.”

This should be taken as a serious question. According to Fox9, the public events included an “adults-only” drag show. Though these events tend to be sexual in nature, LGBTQ organizers will only exclude children if they expect over-the-top obscene performances. 

In an open letter, the organizers conclude that “The only satisfactory response from Mayor Kuntz is his immediate resignation. There is no place for homophobic bigotry in city government.”

In reality, the Mayor has every right to criticize the actions of Associated Church and the Rainbowatonna organizers, just as they have the right to criticize his strong leadership. Kuntz did not use his office to shut down the city events, nor should he have.

It’s the radical left that uses their positions of power to go after private individuals. Just look at how Minnesota’s Attorney General Keith Ellison went after small business owners for defying Governor Walz’ extreme lockdown orders. In fact, the left even locked up patriot Lisa Hanson for trying to make ends meet.

The reality here is that the left demands full compliance with their authoritarian dictates. If you do not comply, they will ruin your life – and then some. Good on Mayor Kuntz for standing his ground.

Klobuchar Introduces Bill to Federalize Elections

Senator Amy Klobuchar joined her fellow Senate Democrats to reintroduce the “Freedom To Vote Act” on Monday. Despite its cutesy name, the legislation would undermine states rights and make U.S. elections far less secure.

As you probably know, Article I, Section 4, Clause 1 gives states the authority to determine the times, places, and manner of holding elections. This is why some states have provisions like Voter ID, compared to others that do not. 

Klobuchar and Democrats, of course, are again seeking to undermine a state’s ability to protect their own elections with her legislation. Here are just some of the provisions that would be imposed on states under her proposal:


  • Forced voter pre-registration at age 16
  • Mandatory “day-of voter registration”
  • Uniform early voting dates nationwide
  • Mandated ballot dropboxes
  • Prohibition of “partisan gerrymandering”
  • Taxpayer funding for “democracy credits” that can be funnelled back into campaigns


… and so much more.

Needless to say, loosening purposeful restrictions on elections only opens up the doors to fraud. Even if you agree with some of the provisions listed above, the federal government has no right to force that onto state governments.

If you think Amy Klobuchar has overstepped her bounds, contact her office below:

Contact Senator Klobuchar

Deranged Jack Smith leads Witch Hunt to Charge Trump over J6

Deranged and ultra-liberal Deep State Prosecutor Jack Smith is preparing to indict and arrest President Donald Trump on claims that Trump tried to overturn the results of an election, how’s that for irony…

The Democrats have no chance in Hell at defeating Trump unless they can muddy him up with fake crimes and indictments. They blame the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton for Trump’s victory so they want to do the same to him but go even further. The Demoncrats would love to charge Trump, lock him up, and even have him assassinated. The banana republic we now live in is dangerous and could lead our country to civil conflict, even civil war. If elections are not legitimate then we cannot save our country. 

On January 6th, 2021, hundreds of thousands of Patriots went to DC to protest the illegitimate election of Joseph Robinette Biden. Governors and Secretaries of State across our country used Covid to unilaterally change election laws and circumvent election integrity. While Biden hid in his basement Trump would hold rallies in massive stadiums and arenas with tens of thousands of Americans in support, yet we are supposed to believe that Biden won 81 million votes. 

In Georgia, video evidence shows an election judge scanning the same ballots three times after forcing ballot observers to leave, hiding ballots in suitcases under tables, and Dominion machines being hacked. In Pennsylvania, Democrats were caught illegally ballot harvesting, back-dated ballots, and loading fake spikes into Biden’s numbers. In Arizona, they used fraudulent machines, deleted election files, and kept audit information secret and hidden from the public. The election fraud in undeniable yet you can be banned on social media platforms for stating these obvious facts. 

Election fraud aside, our country has the First Amendment for a reason. It gives citizens the authority to speak our mind, petition our government, and protest corruption among other things. Regardless of if the election was stolen, the American People have every right to voice their concerns and a candidate can raise legitimate questions over the election’s integrity.

Contrary to what the fake news would have you believe, President Trump did not tell anyone to damage property, be violent, or enter the Capitol Building. At the tailend of his speech addressing the J6 protestors Trump stated “We’re going to walk down, and I’ll be there with you… We’re going to walk down to the Capitol and we’re going to cheer on our brave Senators and Congressmen and we’re probably not going to be cheering for some of them.” His speech encouraged Patriots to be peaceful but tough and told them to go home after the Capitol was entered. Trump then condemned the violence that took place and the calamity of the Capitol. 

President Trump is not the culprit of the invasion of the Capitol building. The culprits were the agent provocateurs like Ray Epps, who is yet to face charges for telling people on video to break into the Capitol! Of course, some good faith people made bad decisions and damaged property, got into fights, and broke into the Capitol. Nobody argues that those actions should go unpunished but we cannot forget that FBI, CIA, and other Deep State actors provoked Patriots into breaking in.

Charges are yet to be filed against Trump for J6 but there is no doubt that Jack Smith will pile as much BS he can onto our legitimate President. Smith’s wife, Katy Chevigny, is also an ultra liberal who produced a documentary for Big Mike aka Michelle Obama. Jack Smith is a tool for the Deep State to target President Trump because he will drain the swamp, expose their corruption, hold them accountable, and stand for American freedom. This is a battle between good vs. evil and America First vs. Globalism. Read Trump’s statement on this development below:

The smears against Trump have only increased his poll numbers because the American People know a scam when they see one. Everyone knows that this is a political witch hunt designed by Biden and the Swamp to discredit Trump and interfere in the 2024 election. The rigging may be worse than last time so Patriots need to be ready to fight the corruption and stand up for clean elections. Trump is an innocent man and We The People know it!